Lost Art Of Conversation


How did we forget how to talk to one another? Where has the art of conversation gone? So connected yet disconnected from one another. 

The Art of Conversation is dying fast. This new generation abbreviates everything into another language that no one can understand because it requires a constant dictionary upload. Then the old folks sit around and talk about how the young folks ain’t talking about nothing. I am somewhere in the middle. I can care less about the newest ways to shorten words because, unlike most, I love words (Yea, I’m a dictionary reader). And I don’t have unlimited text messaging to have to abbreviate to the point where I don’t get my point across.

Some things cannot be said in an abbreviated form. Some things must be spelled out and articulated through more expression than ROTFLMAO (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off) can capture. Some things are better said than typed. 

Too many times I’ve found myself trying to explain a text, that had the person actually just picked up the phone, would have never been misunderstood in the first place. I miss talking on the phone. The one person that would talk for hours with me, engaging in the best form of the lost art, was my sixty-five year old grandmother. We’d talk about music, politics, GOD, the past, the future, and whatever else our hearts brought to our minds. We got lost in words, ideas, and feelings of love. When she graduated to heaven I knew I was losing a great friend and one of the greatest artist I’d known.

So many of my friends believe that texting, emailing, tweeting, etc is the best form of communication but so much gets lost in translation. Words rarely mean the same thing to everyone. Just look at the word LOVE. Exactly. Between four little letters so much is lost and forgotten about. Then people think they can actually type in a way, that their message will get across, the way they intended for it to. Not likely, especially with commas being an afterthought. 🙂

Part of the reason Conversation is a lost art form is because people no longer have anything of substance to say. Self absorbed lives never produce anything worth talking about. On top of that we are bombarded with so much information these days that no original thought has a chance to be captured, let alone shared. This generation lives on fast forward, and most seem to like it that way. We want it now, and there is no time to waste. So we text/email for a quick taste. Not fully scratching the itch of companionship.

No wonder we cannot smell the flowers or slow down enough to begin a conversation with anyone. Apparently there are just not enough hours in the day. Strange though, we have the same twenty four hours that were available to generations past and it seems they did much more than we are doing; though, we have unlimited opportunities and technology available to us. Maybe we are too busy copying everyone else to break free of the stat quo, unplug from the norm, and engage each other the old fashioned way for the greater good. Then again, maybe not…

“I want to keep a human mouth on my coffee table. It’ll be a great conversation starter.” -Jarod Kintz, I Want

{I hope this is too ;)}

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