Daily Prompt: In the Beginning…. (Jan 5th) Pt 1


Picture Credit bahai.us

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. That was enough for God seeing that the first time around mankind lost their minds and forgot about Him in everything they did. Facebook was their book of life. Twitter was their wisdom of days past (in 140 characters or less of course). Instagram was an illusion by which they judged everything. You Tube was their knowledge factory replacing even long standing libraries. God just knew heaven and earth was enough to satisfy Him.

One day, God got very lonely. So He decided to spit a part of Himself out, literally. Once the spit hit the ground God yelled “Jeevus!!!” And that became His spits name. Jeevus kept God company, and good company he was. Jeevus loved God and God loved Jeevus. They spent all their time together. Laughing and eating, playing hide and seek, and gazing up at the expansive heavens. One day Jeevus asked God, “Why are there so many stars?” God replied, “The stars represent the lives of men that have lived.” Jeevus was undoubtedly curious and God sensed that he had further questions but Jeevus remained silent…. at least until the next day.

The next day Jeevus was sitting on a rock wondering what God meant by “lives of men that have lived.” What happened to these men? Where did everyone go? As many stars that covered the heavens someone had to be left somewhere. Instead of asking God anything further Jeevus took off on an adventure. Jeevus began to walk and though he didn’t know it, God traveled with him. So that he would be undetected God followed as the wind. For months Jeevus walked, the wind could sometimes be felt under the beams of the sun. He found no one at all and after a while he wondered if he ever would find someone. He began to wish he’d just asked GOD what happened to the people of the stars. As soon as he thought about turning around he saw something in the distance.

Jeeves thought about binoculars and they appeared, hanging on a tree right in front of him. He grabbed the binoculars and adjusted them to see what the blur was in the distance. The day was calm, not too hot or cool, just comfortable as usual and Jeeves couldn’t believe his eyes. In the distance he saw what looked like another person. This person had long hair and a slimmer, more defined physique, and small feet. At least from what he could see from his far away distance. Jeeves decided that he had to get a closer look. So he sped up his pace and trotted towards the blur.

The closer Jeeves got the harder his heartbeat, the more sweaty his palms got, and the more excited he was. He just knew that someone had to be out there. Little did he know that God had created a friend for Jeeves that was filled with infinite wisdom. The friend would answer every question that Jeeves had and would comfort him on his journey. God created for Jeeves a woman named Jeeweez.

The wind seemed to be pushing Jeeves closer   and closer at a faster pace. At this point Jeeves was running and it seemed that the blur was moving as well and getting into focus without the binoculars. Jeeves was running so fast and the wind got so strong that his feet lifted from the ground and he began to float walk around the earth. He had seen it done in one of the movies he watched once with God, where there was a man walking on the moon. Jeeves notices that the blur has piercing grey-green eyes that are vividly noticeable. Jeeves stopped in his tracks. Those eyes seemed to be reading his soul. It was like he knew them. Though Jeeves had stopped the blur was still getting closer and the glare of the eyes was getting more intense. Jeeves was frozen in his tracks with the strangest, goofiest, ear to ear grin plastered on his face.

Jeeweez had longed for Jeeves though she wasn’t sure who he was or if he even existed. She, much like, Jeeves spent her days in Gods presence enjoying His majesty and beauty. She mirrored her Creator in beauty. Jeeweez was five foot four, with long flowing hair that stopped right above her tiny waist. Her hips were created to bear children from the depths of her width. Her feet were a tiny size five and she had amazing grey-green eyes. Her skin was the color of golden sand, soft and subtle. Her lips were pouty with the hit of red because of all of the strawberries, cherries, and pomegranates she enjoyed. She smelled of lilacs and wildflowers. As much as she was beautiful her wisdom was that from the beginning of time. Her mind and heart were the most beautiful part of her being, God often told her.

When Jeeweez laid eyes on Jeeves for the first time she could not help but to feel something. She didn’t know what it was that she was feeling because it was brand new but she liked it. And the closer she got the more excited she got. As she closed in on Jeeves she took him in allowing her eyes to explore every part of his six foot frame. His skin mirrored hers in its golden sandiness. His hands were large and magnificently strong looking with a subtle softness to them. He had broad shoulders and big feet. His abdomen was strong and looked solid. What stupefied Jeeweez though was his million dollar smile and his beautiful hazel-green eyes. When she realized that they were within arm’s reach of one another she could move no further. Jeeves had been standing there just staring at her with this child-like expression on his face and at this point she did not know what to do next.

Fortunately, God had it covered; a wind storm forced both Jeevus and Jeewez to seek shelter. Without a word they quickly headed to a nearby cave in a hunk of rock. There Jeevus made a fire after pushing a boulder to block the wind. Jeewez began gathering leaves and other materials in the cave to create a sitting area.

to be continued……….

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