A Predestined Propitious Year


Propitious is my word for 2013. Propitious means presenting favorable conditions; indicative of favor; favorably inclined; and disposed to bestow favors or forgive. This is my year of victory I declare and decree!

From 2008 until 2011 things were the darkest that they have ever been in my life. I’ve seen the face(s) of the enemy on the front line for the first time. Trust me, it was not a place that you want to spend loads of time and for that I would not wish what I’ve “grown” through on anyone. Especially with me being a person that wishes the best for people. To finally see that people in this vast world are not like me is a blessing in disguise because it has proven my uniqueness to the one person that matters the most: ME!!

We all have something to offer this world: to make a difference, to make the world and life in general better, and/or to change those around us in a great and positive way. This year is my propitious year because I will find out exactly how I meant to do just that. One day at a time. There is no need to rush. Each day will present itself, and while I expect a problem or two, I expect to overcome them! I’ve faced hell through death and birth, not much else that can deter me from achieving the impossible.

Life is what you make it, for me it will be a growing experience until I gain my wings and earn my right into heaven. 

I am a dreamer! I will always be. Time for this year to show me my dreams and more importantly, how to make them a reality. So that the world I present to my son is a better place than the world I’ve come to realize actually exists now. Everyone’s job while living is to discover why they are truly here. Not why their parents say they are here, or how their jobs define that they are, but why they are truly here. What is the point of living, if not on purpose and for a reason? That’s what the abundant life is. So as this year is opening on this 8th, 9th day embrace the life you are living & decide to live it on purpose. I sure am!! And I do believe this propitious year is making room for me to!! 🙂

“To live is to grow. To stop growing is to die.” -T.I. 

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