Reunion Time… 10 yrs already???

Bart vs Reunion

It is so hard to believe that it has been just about ten years since high school was over and life as an “adult” began. I graduated from Cass Technical High School in 2003 and, with me, over 400 students also walked the stage. As you can imagine, I don’t know many of the people I graduated with and others I wouldn’t mind if they were permanently deleted. Over the last ten years I have kept in contact with a good number of the people who I got to know through my education at Cass Tech. If I haven’t kept in touch, I don’t believe I was meant to.

Life happens as it is supposed to. Days unfold as they are destined to. My life during my high school years was not carefree. I had lots of responsibility including a job and tending to my younger sister. So while others were able to solely focus on their studies, getting into a good college, and enjoying being young; I was a little distracted by real life. After graduation I moved across the country from Michigan to Florida to attend Florida A&M University. My collegiate years were short-lived due to me having no support system. I was my own to fend for myself; sink or swim far from home.

I quickly learned how to swim while blossoming into the beautiful swan I’ve become. As I think about taking a walk down memory lane, I have honestly assessed that I don’t really want to. As I am progressing forward this year it feels as if this 10 year reunion could not come at a more inopportune time. Looking back and going back in time with people I barely knew then, and surely don’t know now; does not seem like a step in the direction I am leading this propitious year of mine.

My time is my gift. Who I share it with is my choice. I don’t have to go with the grain, I am known for going against the grain. Though friends of mine will be in attendance I believe the play-by-play I get from them will be more than enough. Especially with Facebook now creating and recreating events via pictures, posts, and updates. As hard as it to believe that ten years have passed I know that more than anything that it is time for me to do what I want. As I have chosen to focus on me, I am shaping my personal brand. The opportunity to mingle among people who I am conspicuously separated by only six degrees seems redundant. Even though I don’t know everyone that I graduated with, I know enough people to know everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, I partially like the idea of catching up with people I loved during highschool and creating better memories. On top of that networking is always a good thing, after all, your network is your net worth. But from what I see most people who don’t attend their ten-year reunion continue to live happy and fulfilled lives. I just am not sold out on the reuniting of cliques, clubs, populars, and not-so-populars as a positive thing. I would love feedback on this one. Let me know if you have attended your ten year reunion and what your experience was… Until then, I’m sticking with what Bart said… LoL 🙂


(I wonder if it’s true)

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