Nature of a Person on the Grind

All credit to Robbie Cade & glory to GOD!!

All credit to Robbie Cade & glory to GOD!!

On Tuesday evenings I tune into a prayer call that has greatly enriched my life and today’s message was worth sharing. So here goes… the topic was the qualities/nature of a person on the grind. With 2013 being a year of Victory we must go get it.

The go-getters are those that:

1. Are Consistent: We cannot give up, we much press on, and remain consistent in our doing! Do good and keep doing good.

2. Stop allowing distractions and welcoming breaks: We cannot let people or things break our focus from the grind. Some people ain’t done enough to need a break so keep at it. Stay focused and learn to not answer a few phone calls! No time to waste time!

3. Are Sacrificial: We have to make sacrifices on our own behalf. We want our dreams to manifest, we want to live a life of abundance, we have to sow seeds on our own behalf through sacrifice. It is okay to be a little selfish! We spend so much time sacrificing for others we have to do the same for ourselves.

4. Spirit of a Finisher: We must finish what we start. We cannot expect full blessings from a half job. Our work is not done until we die, if we ain’t seeing the gates of heaven we aren’t done yet!

5. Commitment to a Work: We have to stop complaining and we can’t afford to fall off. Commit as if your life depended on it because your life of destiny does!! Commitment takes work so to commit to a work that is blessed & ordained by GOD requires double work!! Work and be happy about it!!

“GOD works for those that work for HIM”

Our grind is never in vain if we are doing it for GODs glory!!! I know this snippet didn’t do her justice so check out the playback for yourself! This call has blessed my life so I thought I’d share!!!

The prayer line is (218)339-2500 Code: 693847# or (218)339-2599 for replays, same code: Check her Robbie Cade out live on Tuesday nights 11:00 Eastern Time. Calls are for about an hour filled with everything the Spirit needs to endure.


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