The Grace We Don’t Deserve

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I am not perfect. I am a sinner saved by grace. Yet in all my living it seems that my story helps others with their struggles. I am constantly told that I have endured so much, not for myself, but for those that I will be able to comfort; as the Lord has comforted me. That’s HIS Word so I know it to be true. So far I don’t feel so worthy of such a calling.

I had a five-hour conversation today that allowed me to confess my sins and now I’m praying that I am healed. Too often in the churches these days we cannot keep it all the way real so we could never confess it all. For fear of rejection, judgement, ridicule, and gossip. Church folks are some of the messiest people I have met in my life. Then they wonder why the “worldy” folks want nothing to do with them.

Most of the churches I visit remind me so much of the Pharisees that Christ condemned that it makes me sick to my stomach. So many hypocrites and not enough compassionates!! None of us are righteous. We all fall short of GODs glory, if we didn’t there would be no point in Christ dying for our sins. No reasons for GODs grace and mercy to renew each morning. No grounds for us to have to repent. And still we look down on the next person. So many call themselves Christians but don’t act like Christ. Christ who turns the other cheek every time, stood up for those the world wanted to condemn, and gave His life for us all to live.

How can we say we believe in GOD and not strive daily to be like Him? Though we are gonna fall (even Paul said that even when he wanted to do right he did wrong), by grace we are given a new day to try again. Every new day is another chance to do better. GOD doesn’t expect us to be perfect because He already sees us as perfect. We are His children. Think/reflect on how much you love your kids, or if you don’t have kids; how much your parent(s) loves you, sacrifices for you, does for you, etc. Why can’t we be like Christ and regard our fellow brothers and sisters the same way. After all, we don’t deserve the grace we get but GOD sees fit to keep blessing us with each rising sun.

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Those that seem to be downtrodden, those that seem to be “in sin”, those that seem to be suffering at their own hand, those that seem to not know the right things to wear, those that seem to not have the right words to say, those that seem…. should not be judged because the same grace covering you is covering them. And everything that “seems” a certain way to you is likely something totally different to GOD. GOD uses the most unlikely people to be special utensils for His glory!!It is time to stop judging and LOVE instead. Love covers a multitude of sins and is the answer to all of the worlds problems. LOVE is GOD!!

“Extraordinary afflictions are not always the punishment of extraordinary sins, but sometimes the trial of extraordinary graces.”

-Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible: Complete and Unabridged in One Volume

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