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I greatly disdain moving. Why? Because since I was born I have been on the move. I can’t wait for GOD to allow me to settle on my piece of land in the great state of Georgia!! In the meantime, it’s moving time again. I am patiently waiting for an answer from GOD to see if I can finally move out on my own again. HIS will over my will until I die!!

“Home is the most important place on Earth.” -Ikea

When I first read that it resounded with me. It is absolutely true, and because of that; home should be a place of peace and comfort. I’m not sure if I can continue to live with my mother as we are rebuilding our relationship/friendship. I originally moved down here with her for two reasons: 1) to get away from Detroit and 2) to shower her in unconditional love.

She lost her father in 2009 and then her mother in 2010. So now it’s just her, me, my sister, and my child. I knew her being around her grandchild would boost her spirits, and it has, drastically. It brought her out of the depression she was facing. I don’t want to leave her just yet (city wise) but I need a space that is all mine. On top of that it’s time for me to move forward on my life journey as a mother and child of GOD.

I will be 28 this year and though I’ve lived on my own before, I want my child to have a place to know as our home, at least for the time being. Praying and awaiting an answer, which I know will come right on time. I  greatly desire to be able to go visit Grandma. It will do wonders for all of us, my child included, who has now become a little divided in who directs, instructs, and guides his path.

As much as I despise moving, a part of me gets super excited when it is time to move! No matter how nervous; I enjoy a fresh scene, new people, the whole nine! Life is not meant to be stagnant and when you don’t explore the world GOD has given to us to explore we do ourselves an injustice. As well as, the communities that could greatly benefit from us being an addition. Change is hard but well worth the leap of faith that is required to get things going!! It’s a small world after all so enjoy, explore, and reinvent yourself!!

“He lay awake, dreading the dawn when he would have to say good-bye to the small universe he had built for himself over the years.”

-Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Prince of Mist

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