Don’t Say Cheese

This is what camera's are made for!! ♥ My Love ♥

This is what camera’s are made for!! ♥ My Love ♥

Why does everyone have to have a picture of everything. I remember when we could only snap pictures of those moments that were truly once in a lifetime (if we caught them). Today, I laughed as I saw a mother trying to have a mini photo shoot at the library with her children. Apparently she wanted to show off the fact she was doing something great with her children. Then here is the reality behind the picture. After the photo shoot she decided that her oldest daughter could watch over the younger siblings while she spent the entire time on her phone, likely uploading all the great QT (quality time) pictures to facebook, instagram, twitter, or the like.

Shameful that on the news I recently heard that a restaurant had to ban its patrons from taking pictures of their plates because it was disturbing other people’s dining experience. Really, do we need pictures of all of your meals? I too am guilty of snapping a random picture of chili dogs I’ve made or quick meals I put together; but then logical me said… for what???

This has been a random rant I began at work a couple of days ago and the point is: Make the pictures count. Let them be memories that are worth keeping, not ones that are forced. Don’t Say Cheese!!! Honestly, how many of them do you actually print out anyway?? What’s the point then??

“Good photographs are taken not with the camera. Good photographs are taken with Mind, Soul, Eyes, and Imagination where Eyes like a shutter, Mind like a lens, Imagination like an object and Soul like a canvas.”
― Parveen Sharma

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