Human Beings

go humango humans go

Humans are all Spirits having a human experience, unfortunately, some are not aware of that truth. We all are special, unique, brilliant, creative, and wonderfully made. Our minds, our lives, our hearts, all tell a different story in the same book marked HUMAN. Our relation with one another should be of kindness, love, respect, and mutual regard. We should not do anything to someone else that we would not want done to us. As I look at the world I wonder why we’ve gotten so lost.

Wars, hate, violence across the board; deception, lies, and manipulation all around. Why are we not allowing our goodness to shine out, instead of allowing the darkness take control within. The more that good people do nothing, the more that not-so-good people think they are getting away with it. And the more people get away with, more people begin to think they can do the same.

Tolerating evil leads only to more evil. And when good people stand by and do nothing while wickedness reigns, their communities will be consumed.

-Bob Riley

For every action, there is a reaction. When we put good out there, good happens, and the ripples of goodness spread far and wide washing over the entire world. Unfortunately the same is true with evil. The answer to life’s hardest questions and problems can be solved with two words: Light & Love. Light will show the way while Love makes the way. Some people these days are just comfortable with things being how they are because this is how things have always been. It is hard for them to believe that things can and will be different. {fingers crossed} We cannot afford to miss that we make the difference NOW. Today begins the process to better tomorrow’s.

The present is a gift given to all of us. None of us had to get a new day, hell, some of us don’t deserve it after the yesterday’s we’ve lived. Yet, GRACE has saved us all and allotted today for us to do better, say better things, smile at someone, share a word of encouragement. I recently watched this movie called The Letter Writer, it is a very inspiring movie. I send out an inspirational text on Thursdays but the movie gave me simple ideas of how to do more on a daily basis. {Working it into March plans} It only takes someone willing to go the extra mile to show someone else that they can too! Be the extravagant, magnanimous, awesome human being that you were created to be!!! Enjoy life, adding to the lives of others and you will live well!!

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater,
but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

PS: This weeks Thursday message is:

“Since the wrong people started sharing their lives and the people that should be sharing, stopped; the world is lost. Help others find their way by sharing your Light!!! :)”

If you’d like to receive the messages as well, shoot me an email with your telephone number and I’ll add you to the list! ♥

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